Meet Captain Kory Matherne

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History and Heritage

New Orleans Fishing Charters

Born and raised in Lafitte, Louisiana, Captain Kory Matherne attended Fisher Middle High School and lived in the city until he was 18. He then headed to Baton Rouge to attend Louisiana State University to complete a Bachelor’s degree in general studies. After graduating, Captain Matherne moved back to Laffite to settle down in his hometown and attend the Lofourche Merchant Marine School, where he received his 100 Ton Master’s USCG license in 2003. He then decided to start up his business of New Orleans Fishing Charters trips under the Last Cast Guide Services name.

Since that time, Captain Matherne has been showing customers from all around the world what intrigued him as a young boy who grew up fishing the marshes and bayous of Lafitte. To Captaine Matherne, fishing is his livelihood – he lives and breathes Southern Louisiana fishing. When you add his history and expertise of fishing to his desire to meet and befriend people from all walks of life, what you find is the heart and soul of Last Cast Guide Services. More than anything, Captain Matherne wants to put a fish on the end of your line, a smile on your face, and a lifelong memory of an incredible experience.

To do this, Captain Matherne and his team of skilled New Orleans Fishing Charters guides stop at nothing to provide you a fishing trip that you will always remember. From the moment that you step onto his boat until the end of the day when you all can sit back and relax, Captain Matherne strives to show you why he loves being out on the water each and every day. When you walk away from your New Orleans Fishing CHarters trip, Captain Matherne wants to have solidified a friendship and special bond – a bond that can only be formed when people spend hours on the water looking to hook a fish.

At Home and In the Community

Off the water, Captain Matherne has an amazing girlfriend who loves him and supports him, and as the Captain would say, “more than she probably should”. He’s also very close to his tight knit family, and he loves spending free time with them. When he’s not guiding fishing trips, you can still usually find him out on the water hooking fish… unless, of course, it’s hunting season, and then you’ll find him bow-hunting in a tree or posting up in a duck blind.

Because Captain Matherne is a Lafitte native, he’s completely woven into his community. He often donates his time and resources, especially a good amount of New Orleans Fishing Charters trips, to any community activity going on in the area. All in all, Captain Matherne is passionate about a few very important things – his family, being a good person to anyone he comes into contact with, enjoying life, and fishing.