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Here’s our latest report. This is from a Fishing Trip from a few days ago: Had a great day with Billy and his crew from Whitney Bank.  We had all intentions on running south to catch some New Orleans Speckled Trout but the weather did not cooperate. We had to improvise. Instead we we went looking for New Orleans Redfish and we found them. I’m telling you, probably the nicest Redfish we’ve seen all year in Southern Louisiana! They were too nice.  All 3 boats had their limit of 20 reds on gold spoons before 9 o’clock. Since we finished early and the weather cleared we made a run south and caught a few nice New Orleans trout before we got hit by the weather again. Man we were really in them! Even New Orleans weather couldn’t ruin our day. With all the beautiful Louisiana Fish we caught out on the water, it was a great day. Couldn’t ask for much better. I know a few families will be enjoying a good fish fry for the next few days. I know we will! Their trip with our New Orleans Fishing Guide Service was a definite success! Thanks again for fishing with me and hope to see y’all again soon. Remember, there’s nothing stopping you from being on the next boat with us!

-Capt. Kory

New Orleans Fishing Guide Service

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New Orleans Fishing Guide Service









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