Saturday May 26th 2012

Had a great day with the Impastatos, It was nice and calm in the morning so we heade south looking for some speck action.  With it being memorial day weekend the boats were out in full effect.  The first few spots we were goin to stop at had 10-12 boats there so we kept riding. We finally found an island with no one it and started fishing catching fish at a pretty good pace but we also caught other baots because in no time we were surrounded by 9 boats but we were kinda in the sweet spot so wew were able to pick up 40 nice trout.  Thanks again guys and hope to see yall again soon!!!!!

Author: Kory Matherne

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June 18, 2014, 8:48 am

I really apicpreate the info you share here. I get one or two opportunities a year to go out for salmon, and knowing the current situation is a great help. Many thanks to you and other folks who post on this site.thanks,John

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