Sunday May 20th 2012

Had my buddies from Wilco Marsh Buggies again with his friends from Pine Bluff.  These guys like to fish, so much that they wanted to fish morning and evening so thats what we did.  we had two awesome trips. The morniing trip started a little slow we zigged when we should have zagged lol, but we stilled managed to put together a trip.  Now these guys wanted to do an evening trip but told me they need a lil power nap so i picked them up at about 4:30 statrted fishing for 5:00 anf had our limit for 6:30. It was a beautiful evening lots of fih a awesome sunset and a little something extra to make it special.

Author: Kory Matherne

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May 22, 2012, 4:25 pm

thank you kory, for once again giving us the absolute best. A customer could not ask for more bang for there buck. We did alot of fishing in a very short time, thank you for hanging in there and putting our group on a world class fishing trip. That little something extra did not hurt any. ..maybe hurt a little.

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